Make Your Own History in Long Branch

Long Branch, NJ

As the grand opening of 365 Ocean, the most prestigious address in Long Branch, New Jersey, approaches, we find ourselves thinking about the long and storied past of this seaside oasis.

Church of the PresidentsOnce the summer playground to some of America’s wealthiest families, Long Branch has also hosted many U.S. Presidents. In 1869 Ulysses S. Grant declared it to be the “summer capital.” Seven Presidents Park is named in honor of the visits of Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, and Woodrow Wilson. The Church of the Presidents, where all seven worshiped, still stands today. After the Civil War, a number of large hotels were built, and Long Branch rivaled Saratoga, New York and Newport, Rhode Island as a vacation destination for the rich and famous.

But what attracts people to Long Branch—and 365 Ocean—today?

In a word: memories. Your time here, spent enjoying the fresh salt air by the rejuvenating sea with those you care most about, will create memories to last a lifetime—both yours and theirs. And owning your own oceanfront sanctuary in which to make those memories is the beach life you’ve always dreamed of.

Infinity PoolAwaken to the sound of gulls calling and the waves lapping at the shore. This is no place for alarm clocks and schedules. Linger over that second cup on your deck overlooking the mesmerizing Atlantic. The biggest decision of your morning is whether to spend it in your infinity pool overlooking the sea or walking along the ocean’s edge … or perhaps you’d rather start your day with some yoga on the beach? Decisions, decisions …

The afternoon may find you taking the bikes out and hitting the boardwalk with the family, or maybe today’s the day Paddleboardingyou’ll finally take that surfing or paddleboarding lesson. Kids itching to go to the new skate park? Grab their skateboards and gear from your personal cabana locker and head up the beach to Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. You could do some saltwater fishing or kayaking while they perfect their kickflips. Afterwards, gather your crew for a friendly game of volleyball before heading back home. Don’t worry about tracking in sand when you get there; that’s what the outdoor shower is for.

Dinner options abound, thanks to the number and variety of restaurants a stone’s throw from home, but gathering around the island and cooking together in your gourmet kitchen might be even more fun. After dinner the kids will race outside for a little night swimming in the pool, while the adults look on from the fire pit or poolside lounges. Everyone is relaxed and happy—you most of all, knowing it was your decision that led to this most wonderful and restful retreat.

It’s time to stop dreaming. It’s time to make a beachfront residence at 365 Ocean your reality and get to work making those cherished-for-a-lifetime memories.

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